Jessica + Brady’s Free-Spirited Engagement Session…

I’m loving how free-spirited and natural Jessica + Brady’s engagement session, sent over by Ciara Richardson Photography, is! Props and styling are always a fun touch, but sometimes all you need is a beautiful location, a whole lot of love, and an awesome photographer to create something truly spectacular. I think this session proves that!


Charleston ‘The Notebook’ Inspired Engagement Session…

I’ve got another gem of an engagement session from Abi Q Photographyfor you! This one makes me want to jet off for a romantic Southern vacation ASAP!!! Amanda + Monte’s engagement session, inspired by the film ‘The Notebook’, is an absolute dream! The beautiful lake in Charleston, the moss dripping from the towering trees, the bounty of floating lily pads- could you imagine a more enchanting setting? I can’t!


Coffee Date Engagement Session…

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! My weekend was spent working on some projects at our new house and getting packed up to move. As excited as I am about our new house, packing is never fun, and the prospect of living and working in a house with a major remodel going on is seriously stressing me out. If you have lived with workers in your house all day, I’d love to hear any tips you may have on how to keep sane in the chaos!

Now, on to today’s feature, sent over by Meg Brock Photography! Here is what Meg had to say about Mary + Greg’s enchanting engagement session:

“Coffee dates have a very casual reputation. For Mary and Greg’s engagement session we decided to dress up the idea of a coffee date. Mary put on a pair of heels, Greg donned suit, and enjoyed a fancy coffee date in old city Philadelphia. We made the most of some beautiful light which resulted in some really lovely photos.”


The Present Company Project…

I’m about to tell you about a project that is totally mind-blowingly awesome, and I am so proud to say that it is the brain child of my phenomenal friend Amber Mahoney, who many of you know as the eye behind the lens at Live it Out Photography. To refresh your memory, here, here and here are some of her gorgeous weddings and engagement sessions.

Amber decided to try something new and challenge herself, and the result of that is The Present Company Project.

Amber says…

“The Present Company Project basically involves me taking a polaroid of a stranger and asking them one of two questions, “If you could ask a perfect stranger anything in the world, what would it be?” or “What is one thing you’d like people to know about you?” I started it as a challenge to myself – I wanted to have a genuine interaction with someone I might otherwise never know. I wanted to stop fitting people into my world, but rather see them as they are. I thought that if I could connect with others on this level that it might make me a better artist, and more so, a better person. It’s uncomfortable (just walking up to strangers) and I usually blush and get a bit awkward, but it’s been a pretty rad ride and I’m not sure how I’m going to decide when it’s time to call it quits.”

It all started with Tyrone, the man you see in the upper left corner, and since then, Amber has met, photographed, and talked to many, many more strangers. She’s documented it all, and in addition to sharing each of these photos and Q & A’s on her website, she’s also contributing to Hello Giggles.

Here’s an excerpt from the story Amber tells about meeting Tyrone. It seriously left me in awe!…

“A few months ago, I headed to Best Buy for a new hard drive. I was stressed about pretty much everything and after looking through about 50 different hard drives that looked exactly the same, I picked one at random, bought it and kind of power walked out the store, head down, into the street. I paused for a second to figure out where I’d left my car, and as I stood there looking frazzled and probably a little insane, I met Tyrone. He was selling Street Sense but he didn’t ask me to buy anything, he just asked me how I was doing. We talked for a while about things strangers don’t usually talk about – what it’s like to live in DC, our lives, our health, family, the things that worry us. And I just couldn’t believe how positive he was about everything. His positivity made me feel positive during a time when I really needed it. And I wanted to thank him. Toward the end of our conversation, Tyrone mentioned two hopes for his life: to learn how to play guitar and find someone to write his life’s story. He told me how someone had stolen his guitar a few years back when he was living in a motel and how he hadn’t been able to afford another. As I drove home I called around my musician friends, asking if anyone had a spare guitar. A few weeks later, I got a text from my friend Jason saying he’d found one.”

Well, Amber gave Tyrone that guitar, and the rest of the story is documented here. If you want to be inspired, and maybe cry a little bit, definitely check it out.

Amber has decided to open this polaroid documentary up to submissions because she’d love to start a kind of mini-movement around this – creating/realizing connections between “others” and ourselves. Next time you’re oot and aboot and see someone you find intriguing, ask if you can take their photo. You’ll be surprised by what happens next. Then send your stories/photos here. Amber’s favorites will be featured in the next edition of Hello Giggles’ For Instants and will be in the running to be published in The Present Company Project book!

Thank you Amber for the inspiration!!! You and this project are absolutely amazing!!!

To learn more, make sure to visit The Present Company Project’s website.


Erin + Will’s Charlotte Engagement Session…

Keeping with the trend this week, I have yet another awesome engagement session for you! This one is Erin + Will’s engagement session in Charlotte, NC, captured by Emily Chidester Photography! All of those daisies and that incredible light make this session an absolute dream!!!

Here’s Erin + Will’s proposal story, as told by Erin:

“On December 18th, 2011, we headed over to my oldest friend’s house, April, where we planned on cooking dinner, sharing a glass of wine and doing some last minute wrapping of presents while watching one of our favorite Christmas Movies, Home Alone. We finished dinner and moved over to the living room for some wrapping and movie watching. I was sitting on April’s oversize ottoman, with my back to Will, talking with April about the upcoming holiday. When I heard Will say something along the lines of “I have a really special present this year but I didn’t know how to wrap it.” Not having a clue what he was talking about, I spun around on the ottoman to find him down on one knee with the ring box open. Complete shock, utter excitement!”


Manhattan Beach Engagement Session…

We’re on a roll with pretty engagement sessions this week, and today I have another one for you! This one was sent over by Adrienne Gunde Photographyand features Jessica, Rich + even an appearance by Rich’s adorable daughters! Jessica + Rich started out at one of their favorite restaurants, La Sosta Enoteca, where many of their first dates took place, then moved on to the beach to meet up with Rich’s daughters and a luscious bouquet of coral tulips. I love the adoration written on Jessica + Rich’s faces as they look at each other, the family shots, Jessica’s darling bicycle print dress, and really- I just love everything about this session!


Laura + Nathan’s Sweet Southern Engagement Session…

I’m pretty excited about sharing this one with you today, guys! Not only are the images by Lori Line Photographyout of this world gorgeous, but that pretty little lady you see in them all is my cousin Laura! She and Nathan make a beautiful couple, and a few weeks back I attended their backyard wedding in Tennessee, which was AMAZING!!! Think a picturesque backyard, vintage silver pieces, succulents, orchids, and a cake that was seriously to die for. (I’ll have that to share with you soon, but back to their engagement session.) They shot their session at a place that was really meangingful to them and their love story, the location where Nathan proposed. If you ask me, I think he picked a pretty good spot- look how stunning those surroundings are! A huge congratulations to Laura + Nathan, and keep your eyes peeled for their wedding feature, coming soon!!!